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Ponda Tourism

Ponda Tourism

Moment anyone thinks of Goa, instantly images of beautiful churches and beaches rushes through mind. But rarely does images of beautiful temples conjure up in our mind. This cliché and typical image of Goa will surely change once anyone pays a visit to city of Ponda. A city that is officially recognized as land beautiful temples in Goa. But there is so much more to Ponda than beautiful temples. Below is brief roundup of all worth seeing attractions and worth doing activities in Ponda city.

Beautiful Temples in Ponda

Tourism in PondaAs mentioned in the introduction itself Ponda is famously known as ‘land of beautiful temples’ in Goa. No other city/town of Goa has as many temples as Ponda has. There are as many as 50 temples within 10 km radius of Ponda city. But of course not all of these temples are famous tourist attractions. The most famous and must visit temples are Mahalasa Temple, Mangueshi Temple, Shantadurga Temple and Mahalaxmi Temple. Today these famous temples are very much the pride of Ponda Taluka and are absolute must visit destinations.

Besides, Ponda is also home to Goa’s largest and most famous Mosque: Safa Masjid, which is equally worth visiting.

Explore Ponda's Wildlife

Wildlife in Ponda
Ponda indeed gives you rare opportunity to explore hidden gems of Goa. Since of all cities of Goa Ponda is the only city that is closely located to two most beautiful wildlife sanctuaries of Goa. And although wildlife sanctuaries of Goa are not so talked about, but as mentioned earlier – they are hidden gems of Goa and hence these two wildlife sanctuaries are absolutely worth visiting. These are Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary and Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary.

Amongst these two Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary is more worth visiting and is in fact already very popular with tourists. Besides the fact that the sanctuary itself is very beautiful, it is also home to famous Dudhsagar Waterfall – widely considered as one of the most beautiful waterfalls of India. Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary is located in Mollem town of Ponda Taluka, approximately 35 kms away from heart of Ponda city.

As for Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary is concerned, though it is not as beautiful as Bhagwan Mahavir Sanctuary but it is still very much worth visiting. It is located in small town of Usgao, just 8 kms from Ponda city.

Spice Tourism in Ponda

Ponda Spice Tourism
Now this is one of the specialties of Ponda that will surely add variety to your Goa excursion. Ponda is home to many lush green spice farmlands which are absolutely lush green and which today have become big tourist attractions. However, visit to these spice farmlands isn’t just about seeking knowledge and coming close to Mother Nature, but is as much about pure relaxation and enjoying amazing hospitality that includes delicious breakfast & lunch.

Currently, there are 2 or 3 farmlands that are immensely popular with tourists and hence we highly recommend them to you:

Sahakari Spice Farm
Address: Post Box No. 31
Ponda belgaum Highway
Curti, Ponda
Goa, India
Phone no: (0832) 2312394,

Tropical Scipe Plantation
Address: H. No. A-14, Arla Bazar Keri,
Ponda, Goa, Pincode - 403 401,
Phone no: (0832) 2340329,

Shopping in Ponda

Ponda is pretty sober and simple place when it comes to shopping. Don’t expect any lifestyle boutiques and upscale retail stores here. In other words, Ponda is pretty disappointing place for all those who are brand conscious shopaholics. But this also doesn’t mean that Ponda city has nothing to offer on the shopping front.

At the main market of Ponda – located in the very heart of the city – you will get to shop pretty good things like handicraft, lots of spices and beautiful idols of gods & goddesses. While few of these mentioned items are pretty much the specialties of Ponda, but of course here you can also shop popular items like garments, foot wears etc.

Cuisines of Ponda

You’ll get to enjoy typical goan food in Ponda. Rice, Goan Curry, fish, prawn and everything that makes up a typical goan kokani dish. However, you won’t find any catholic kokani food here. This is owing to the fact that Catholic population is very less here.

Nightlife in Ponda

Apart from few bars Ponda doesn’t boost much on nightlife front. This is mainly due to the fact that Ponda is a primary religious destination of Goa.

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